• Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05
  • Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05
  • Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05
  • Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05
  • Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05
  • Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05
  • Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05

Burlingham London

Burlingham Watches - Confluence Range - 05

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Our British watch company, Burlingham London’s capsule watch range, Confluence, is a modern take on a classic design. The designer watch dial is inspired by the intertwining pattern of tweed fabric, and the numbers are classically British, with a ’00’ replacing the expected '12’ as a quintessentially British twist on our luxury watch.

All of our watches help to protect 200m2 of the rainforest. Come rain or shine, our combined unisex mens watches and ladies watches will not fail to complete your outfit. A flawless, classic design with a modern British twist, our luxury fashion watch will help ensure you look your best for whatever adventures you have lined up.

Outer Casing: Two-Part Silver Plated 316L Stainless Steel
Dial Colour: White Dial, Silver Markers
Strap Colour: Brown, Genuine Leather
Glass: Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal with a double Anti Reflective coating
Water Resistant: 50 metres
Movement: Japenese Miyota Quartz Movement
Case Diameter & Thickness: 39mm & 8mm
Strap Width: 20mm
Strap Length: 246mm
Warranty: 12 months



About The Designer

Driven by a love of watches, adventure and the desire to do some good in the world, friends Geoff and Henry were inspired to launch their own watch brand, Burlingham London Watches. Designed in partnership with Anglo-Swiss watch industry experts, Burlingham’s watches put a modern twist on British heritage, British exploration and British philanthropy.

Like many people, they are strong believers in life not just being about the 9-5 but also the 5-9 and after a day of London life Henry and Geoff enjoy nothing more than becoming adventurers for the evening or weekend. From kayaking on the Thames, to climbing Snowdon or planning an expedition in the pub, they embrace the London Explorers lifestyle. Burlingham reflects this coming together of London life and adventurous spirit, wherever you may be, with the watches seeking inspiration from classic tweed fabrics once used as mountain apparel, historical gold sovereigns and a rainforest saving alliance.

Knowing they couldn't always be off exploring, they wanted a classicly designed watch that could hint at their out of office passions.  A watch to wear in the city, between adventures. Though never knowing when the next adventure may materlise, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and a solid 50 meters of water resistance were a must!

Their belief in succeeding as yourself while empowering others is also integral to Burlingham London’s ethos. This is why every single watch sold helps to save at least 200m² of rainforest by empowering indigenous villagers to thrive as a community and put the locals back in control. This is achieved by working alongside the charity Cool Earth, a fantastic charity where together, we can all help to give communities the resources they need to protect the forest and keep their home and livelihoods intact.

Why is the rainforest so important? It’s home to both people and animals. And it is essential to the survival of our planet. Shockingly within the last 100 years, 50% of all forests have been cut down and more is burned at the rate of 40 football fields every minute. Trees clean the air we breathe, purify water, and provide homes for animals and humans alike. Although a very real problem, together we can make a difference. 

Burlingham London – a family for those with a love of watches, a desire to empower others and a passion for exploration.

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